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The Mask is off When it Comes to
How People Wear A Mask

Staff Writers

Jesus Ruiz Aquino

      Over the years we had many world-changing events happen, but in 2020 we had the worst one yet. We were faced with a global pandemic that killed millions. The government implimented many restrictions that changed our lives for better or worse. The most impactful one was to wear face masks. Every place you went required everyone to wear a mask. Whenever you need to get last-minute groceries, a face mask! You go to the park with friends, face mask!, You have people over, FACE MASK!! Many took this opportunity to stylish them and make them an essential part of their outfit. Many develop creative ways to wear them and others not so much. We interviewed some Olympians and asked what were the funniest and annoying ways to wear a mask and some of the responses were kind of funny. 

      We asked Olympians  What is the weirdest way you saw someone wear a mask? Luis Reyes said “ the weirdest way I’ve seen someone wear a mask was this guy literally just had it covering his nose. It was funny to see him getting kicked out of Starbucks.” Nancy Vargas said '' I saw a man not even wearing a regular mask, but his underwear as a mask, which was just kind of nasty. Jayden Vasquez said “I think I saw, [someone]wearing a thick mask and they had like the snorkel thing that swimmers wear so that he could breathe in oxygen in the mask while having it on, it was pretty weird”.


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The sleep blinder is one way Alan depicts how people may wear their masks out in the world during a LTV episode on Instagram. Photo by: Alan Cornejo

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 11.04.01

      People may wear a mask, but maybe improperly by mistake or just to halfway comply or defy.  “ The most annoying way people wear a mask is when they just cover their mouths, I think some of them got to brush their teeth since they probably don't want to smell their own breath.” Luis Reyes said. Some ways people try to protect themselves is confusing. Nancy Vargas is baffled by people that “only have a face shield with no mask under. I feel like the only way for their face shield to work is with a mask paired with it.” Regardless of how annoying this is, it is necessary to remind people to wear their mask properly.  Jayden Vasquez says “ When they don’t cover their mouths and nose they can spread many germs and viruses, they act like they don't care for others.”

Although bizarre, Alan depicts one way he's seen people wear their masks out in the world during a LTV episode on Instagram. Photo by: Alan Cornejo

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