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 Disconnected by Distance

By Staff Writer

Madalyn Corral

Emily Hernandez

       When schools shut down back in March due to Covid-19, students were forced to adjust to a new lifestyle. The daily life of a student changed, they were forced to be home during school hours, their bedroom became their classroom. Memories of class rules like no eating in class, dress code and using your phone are all moot. Now it’s on the student to set their own rules, boundaries and be responsible for their futures in a home environment. Keeping their space clean and finding a schedule that motivates them is key to success.

      As a result of the pandemic, education around the world has suffered horrifically and now schools are still shut down, leaving children to continue their education at home. This leads to issues including reliable WiFi , privacy and a noise-free location to study. Out of work parents maybe unable to pay for internet, leaving students to face daily challenges with distance learning from home.

      The upcoming generations are the classes that have suffered the most, from kindergarten students, high school graduates, and college graduates. I am one of the victims myself and to begin, I live in a two bedroom house in Hawthorne that consists of my sister, two parents, and we often watch my aunt’s two children, Stacy Flores, 12, and Anthony Flores, 7, which strains our WiFi connection.

     The pandemic has left many unemployed and without the essentials that paycheck provided. In some cases students in the neighborhood sit outside of McDonalds for free WiFi during school hours. Middle school student Stacy says the pandemic “ruined the chance for [her] to learn new content of higher education.” Olympian seniors also feel the same about the pandemic. Karla Cruz says it interfered with her education since she is unable to learn through a screen. " I feel that I will suffer in college due to the lack of support through my senior year.” 

      The pandemic will leave a scar for many children who were unable to adequately learn, and unable to grasp brand new material with less support. We are now left with the question, where does education stand? Will students ever catch up to grade level standard since ? Will they be considered the Covid Kids! We'll have to wait and see what 2021 brings.

Corral_Mcdonalds pic.png

Photo from Social Media

Students distance learn as they get free WiFi outside McDonald's.


Photos by Breanna Lopez

The traditionally paperback diary survives the  digital disconnect. 

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