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High School Couples Affected                           by Quarantine

By Staff Writer

 Emily Ruano

      About a year ago our lives were shaken up by the arrival of Covid-19. We were forced to stay home while almost everything closed down. This was a hard and sudden change. Many people struggled to adapt to these new circumstances. Amongst all the tragedy, there were smaller challenges that took a toll on daily personal lives. Insignificant to the bigger picture or not, high school couples felt their world around them closing in and their hearts aching.

      Many people believe that high school relationships are pointless because we’re young and unsure what love is, but that’s just not true. If anything, this pandemic has shown us how strong high school relationships can be. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than two years. We went from seeing each other every day to seeing each other once every couple of weeks if possible. It was hard for us to get used to this change. Throughout quarantine, we did more things together virtually like watch movies and play games together. While it was hard not being able to see one another, some good things did come out of this experience. Other couples at Leuzinger felt the same. Senior Kim Cruz struggled with not being able to see her significant other as well. “He’s also my best friend so it was kind of hard on me not being able to see him when I wasn’t feeling my best mentally,” says Cruz who’s been with her boyfriend, Jossue Barajas, for four years. “As of now, it’s better. I get to see him more often since we’re both vaccinated,” says Cruz. “I would say that the time apart helped us communicate better,” says Itzel Ceballos, who's been with her boyfriend Robin Rivas for two years. “If anything this quarantine has made us value our time together even more,” says Rivas. 

      I would have to agree with both of them; Although it was hard at first, things are slowly getting better. Both good and bad things came out of this quarantine but it’s important to focus on the good. This quarantine has shown us how important the little things are and how much we took them for granted before. In the end, our relationships grew stronger with the distance. 


 Emely Ruano and Alessandro Martinez


Itzel Ceballos and Robin Rivas

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