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Ralph the Rabbit offers

   Cuteness for a Cause

Opinion article

By Staff Writer

Beatriz Da Silva

      A while ago, my cousin showed a cute stop motion animation. It was about a rabbit named Ralph. He was giving an interview about how it felt to be a rabbit in the cosmetics industry. At first, it seems innocent, but going further into the video, we find out that he is used to test his company’s products. The “funny” part is I’m a vegetarian, and for four years now, I’ve seen many people caring for animal issues and absolutely crying after a slaughterhouse video, but as they do, they still consume products of animal origin. 

      So the question is, where is the line that differentiates the life of those animals from our own? Maybe because that little bunny was too cute, or fluffy it shouldn’t suffer all those chemical burns. But, thinking about a chicken or pig that we almost eat every day, why shouldn't they have the same right as a little bunny? Those animals can feel pain just like we do, and is it really worth a piece of bacon or fried thighs? 

      I’m not talking to those who don't have any choice on their diet or cannot afford vegan options as many teenagers do. I’m talking to those who do have all the resources and still decide to don't do anything to the animals' cause. What is the point? Personally, I don't eat as many vegan options. From the place I come from, there's nothing like almond milk or vegan burgers, - if there is, it's way too expensive-  but I still decided to do something. It is hard,  I still do crave meat. I do get bored of certain foods or ingredients, but it's worth it. 

    Just reflect on your decisions. Maybe have a talk with your parents about that - if you are able to. Do research if you feel sorry about little Ralph, think about the other many bunnies, cows, pigs, and little chicks and what you can do to give them a better life.


The first scene when we meet Ralph a lab rabbit used in chemical products testing (from the video Save Ralph)


Ralph, The Rabbit, as he brushes his teeth and complains about the pain due to alchemical experiments (scenes from the video Save Ralph)

Watch Save Ralph

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