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What you wanna do after quarantine?

By Staff Writer

Beatriz da Silva

      Fellow bored Olympians share what are their plans after the pandemic.

It may not feel like it, but we have been a year and three months into quarantine. The last day of school was March 16th, 2020. 12 months of uncertainty and wondering, what happens after? I’ve interviewed some of my fellow Olympians to know what their hopes are for this brand new world.


      “What will you do after quarantine ends?”

  • “Try to stay as much indoors as possible….. I don’t like people” - Jessica Hernandez

  • “I’m gonna travel to different places, go to amusement parks with friends so we can make up for the days we missed when everything closed” - Miguel Rosales Jr.

  • “I’m gonna go to the outside world again.  Gonna get used to walking outside again and going places. Also gonna look for a job” - Rocio Velasquez

  • “Die! No, just kidding…. It will probably just be the same. I mean, everyone is going out at the moment - sad, sad. Maybe go to the park or the beach. YET still be cautious just in case.” - Kimberly Jimenez

  • “Probably go on a vacation and do a LOT of outdoor activities” - Kristal Vallejo

  • “I’ll start going out with my two friends more… The quarantine really made me reflect on how that stuff is really important” - Allison Moreno

  • “Prepare to go to college, go out more, and spend time with my girl” - Casmira Turton

      As seen, we all miss normal life, but it is still not over. With the many variants around the world, protection still needs to be a priority - including getting the vaccine. Think about what you hope to do and reflect on the past year.


Picture of the Peter Pan ride on Disneyland, by Beatriz da Silva


Mr. Talbott’s class being taken to a dentist appointment, by Beatriz da Silva

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