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Mental Health, the Hidden Casualty of the Pandemic 

 By Staff Writer

 Ramona Marquez


      Mental health has been an extreme struggle for people worldwide. At times, people are afraid to talk to others about their mental status. They tend to feel like a burden when in reality they are trying to find a way to properly express themselves.  

      I asked a series of questions fellow Olympians regarding student mental health and here are a few of their responses.

      How do you help your mental health? 

Some Olympians have said that they play video games, talk to their friends, or their significant other. Others have said they listen to music since the music really helps them. Some said that they don't go through the worst with their mental health, they do have a lot of stress and pressure from school and family.



image_6483441 (1).JPG

Description of someone’s mental health in their heads and how they feel. 

Source: Google

      What makes your mental health worse?

The majority of them have said that being stressed and pressured is mainly about school. Also, some said that not getting enough sleep and being alone with their thoughts make it worse for them. 

Who do you go to when you need/want help with your mental health? Some said family or close friends are their go-to for help. Although many Olympians have people that they could go to when their mental health isn’t the greatest, others don’t feel the same way. One Olympian said that they don't go to anyone because they don't want to seem annoying or like a burden.

      Do you ask people for help with your mental health? If so, who? Do they help you? If so, how?

Olympian responses were that they went to the wellness center and how the wellness center has helped them. In many cases, Olympians don't usually ask for help because they talk to their friends or significant others. For them, it is a way to be distracted and not think about their mental health. Others keep their mental health to themselves because they know how to control it. If you are feeling down please don’t hesitate to get help from your peers or someone that you're close with. Everyone at some point goes through a mental health illness and it is okay to ask for help. 

Someone feeling overwhelmed about their mental health. Source: Google 

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