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Working Students


Magaly Lara is working as a quality control manager at Arelab Inc. Photo by Magaly Lara

      Jousse Barajas, an MCA productions crew member, said that he works at Robeks, a smoothie shop. He began his journey to work so that he could be financially stable for his first year in college. “ I’d say it’s for my own benefit, but also to help my family. I am saving up a little money to help my dad pay for my college education.” As many of us know, college is very expensive and many Olympians have brought it upon themselves to help their parents with their college fees. Barajas mentioned his extremely busy schedule and shared what he has done to help manage it. “I created some sort of schedule in order to maintain my time since I had very little.”  Working has given Barajas a few responsibilities that most teens don't worry about. “ I'm helping to pay bills such as telephone, electricity, and internet. I have wanted a MacBook for a while now and I am planning to get it as soon as I can.”

      Working students have plenty to deal with, but the life lessons from finding balance in life to accomplish their goals are essential to achieving success. “I’ve learned that motivation is the key to overcoming stress and sometimes you just need a day off,” said Magaly Lara.

      Many students are approaching an age where they can now begin working. Some students get jobs to help their family while others do it for their own benefit, either to save for something big or for their college education. The Torch reached out to working Olympians to take a closer at how they juggle school and work.

      Magaly Lara, a senior, is a quality control manager at Arelab Inc. “ I am working because I want to have a college experience without being in major debt.” She explains how her priorities have changed. “ Three years ago if you asked me why I was working I would say to get my own car and have my own things, but now I would say I’m working to try to help my parents with as much as I can at home. I am saving as much as I can to pay for college tuition.

      Senior Emily Quimi works at Starfish Sushi in Downey. She is working to help her family buy a home. “ Because I am working, I am able to help my parents out when it comes to finances. Of course, there are some things that I can’t pay for just yet, but I try to help out as much as possible.”  Another area Quimi can help relieve the financial burden on her parents is working to save up for college. “ I believe this job has become a blessing in my life, although it does get hard and stressful sometimes when I try to manage my time between school, work, and free time.” Keeping on track is a personal challenge for Quimi. “I try to finish as much school work as I can before going to work. My grades are pretty good right now so I will stick to the plan or “schedule” I have planned for myself.” 

 By Staff Writer

 Jesus Ruiz



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