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   Family & You time


    Dancing, cruising, family gatherings and game nights are what make quarantine better. All the free time at home allows families to bond better, and gives individuals the opportunity to find new ways to pass time.       

       Following the ¨stay at home¨ orders really shows how amazing it is to spend time at home with your family. Quarantine gives people the opportunity to get to know their family better and create stronger bonds. Some of the most memorable moments are the backyard movie nights, pumpkin carvings, playing board games, painting, going online for school together and much more. 

       Quarantine is also an opportunity to start new hobbies or activities. “I’ve been working out and using heavy objects such as wooden blocks for weight training class,” Olympian Salvador Martinez. Other students such as Nikki Ruiz claims, “I really like seeing my family everyday, It’s making up for lost time.” This demonstrates that family members did not have as much time on their hands as they do now since our lives were more busy. 

       It is also a time to revisit old, but familiar family traditions like playing poker together. The more time people spent at home, the more people realized that the stay at home order isn’t so bad. Having these positive moments paints a hopeful picture in a dark time that will always be remembered with 4  numerical characters, 2020.

Photo by Cassandra Perez

Family energy is what makes game nights even better at the Perez home.

 By Staff Writer

 Cassandra Perez & Amairani Castillo

Photo by Abraham Paniagua

Family Quarantine_Mirna Echiveste.JPG.HE

                                       Photo by Mirna Echiveste

Max Palacios smiles big as his aunt, Angélica, plays with him during quarantine.       

Family Quarantine_Mirna Echiveste.JPG (1

Photo by Mirna Echiveste

Photo by Abraham Paniagua

Quarantine can start new hobbies with families such as playing poker together on October 18, 2020. 

“I’ve been working out and using heavy objects such as wooden blocks for weight training class," said Salvador Martinez.

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