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Finding Virtual Faith 

By Staff Writer

Frank Aranda

Aidan Aguero


     Churches around the country struggle to traditionally spread their faith as COVID-19 spreads throughout the nation, shutting down indoor events and activities. For some, they see it as a test of faith from God. Others struggle with the changes, making it difficult to keep faith during these unprecedented times. 

     Churches and places of worship have had to get creative to continue services. They currently rely on technology to deliver the message of the God, virtually through computer screens. “One of the biggest changes is not having everyone gathered together for the activities and Sunday service at church. Now everything is done through a screen. It makes me happy to see many people join, but it isn’t the same,” said Guadalupe Salazar, a parishioner of St. Catherine Laboure Church.

      Regulations vary, but limits have restricted in person attendance. Live youth performances are offered online as well to keep members engaged. “They have these small performances so even the little ones have something fun to learn from,” Salazar said.

    As the pandemic continues to rage, so does the debate of government restrictions on religion. The is issue is on going and has even reached the Supreme Court, where the court recently ruled to limit restrictions to freedom of religion.


Churches continue online and outdoor services due to the pandemic. 

church 2.PNG

MCA Photo by

Frank Aranda

Pastor Elijah talks to the congregation as the Church uses music to inspire viewers.



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