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Disney+ Among Leuzinger Campus

By Staff Writer Angel Esquivel

   Since the official release of Disney+ in November 2019, subscribers have been eager to browse the content. The new streaming service—which provides most of Disney's live-action and animated theatrical films, Pixar short- and feature-length films, and content from the Disney broadcast channels—has sparked many conversations at school: Who's got a subscription? Who's willing to share their account? What're you watching? Have you seen that show or movie? Did you watch The Mandalorian?

   Many students have shown a fondness for Disney+, and it leads to the question of just how much of an impact the simple streaming service has had on our campus. Mr. Cassio, the Olympian Band Director has noticed the hype: "For Disney fans... there's a lot if content on there that Netflix was never going to have. All the content that I've been wanting to buy, it probably would have taken me forever to accumulate, you know, to even show my kids."

Various Photographs from Disneyland / Disney World Parks by Angel Esquivel

   With this fondness for Disney+ share amongst many teachers, students and administrators here at Leuzinger it is clear how robust the catalog is. "The fact that they had The Simpsons and that they had all the seasons was really cool," said senior Cristofer Jimenez.

   Regardless of age, Olympians pointed out what they liked best about Disney+. "All of the older stuff... just all the stuff I grew up with. I got Chip 'n Dale [Rescue Rangers], Darkwing Duck, The Gargoyles and all the '80s and '90s cartoons and movies," said Mr. Cassio. Associate Principal Dr. Cabeza appreciates "the access and variety. I also like the way that it's organized; it's organized very neatly so that I can find what I'm looking for.

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