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Dear 2020

Dear 2020,


      You were such a painful, but also amazing year. Painful to let people get sick and die from a contagious disease, taking kids out of school, making them do online schooling and people losing jobs, as well having to stay inside and limit the places to go to.

   The amazing part is being able to chat with people around the world, getting to know new people and getting closer with family and friends. Hopefully we don't have to continue down this path another year because it was sure hard to process and find ways to get through in life and I'm thankful for the new fun experiences I dealt with.



    Jameela Jones

Dear 2020,


      I am officially done with you. You have been such a difficult year. Whatever the reason, you have made it clear that you want to be remembered. But wouldn’t you want to be remembered for something positive? You now have to be remembered for giving us wildfires, plague, murder hornets, carnivorous rats, riots, and I’m sure there’s plenty more. You could’ve been filled with discoveries or even dreams. But you were just a plain disaster. Were you having such a hard time, that it had to cost us all something? I wish we could’ve had some headlines that make us smile rather than open our eyes and nod our heads in disappointment. I’m sorry, but I think we’re all ready to kick you to the curb and welcome 2021. I hope 2021 will be kinder to us than you ever were. I think we all deserve a change for the better.

   Although you weren’t kind, I think we can all thank you for teaching us all something. We all faced obstacles that made us stronger and truly opened our eyes. Some of us became more independent. Some of us got a job and have met new people who make times like these easier. I think it’s now time to welcome a new year hopefully filled with new beginnings and blessings. 



   Jenifer Gomez

        Oh 2020, you have done a lot for others. Good and bad. You have shown us the worst with deaths and sadness. You have shown us the best with movies, tv shows, and memes.  2020, you just did the worst for me. You wanted to see me break down and you wanted to see me at my worst. You have shown me heartbreak, depression, sadness, so many more bad things. So in 2020, I will be putting you behind and just learn from everything you have shown me. In 2021 I will be more positive and learn things that have happened in 2020.


    Ramona Marquez

Dear 2020, 

       This year has been the best, yet the worst year of my life. Most expected 2020 to be a year full of success and goals, but instead had a different outcome for everyone. People all over the world had to adjust to new rules such as social distance, wearing masks, and quarantine. This was the new norm for the rest of the year.  

      The most challenging part for me was not being able to see my family on a daily basis. We’d often do our daily hobbies such as visit other family members, go to church, and do fun activities. Once I was aware of our new learning method, distance learning, I had mixed emotions,  I was happy, but also sad. Once I realized I wouldn’t be able to see my friends daily, I felt sad, especially when I noticed I would no longer receive one on one learning. My mood soon changed when I grasped I’d be home with my family more. 

One positive thing that has come from all of this is, I’ve definitely grown and learned more about myself this year. I learned to love myself and live life. I’ve bonded and have gotten a better understanding of my family. 

       The pandemic struck my family hard, it affected us both emotionally and physically.  Due to no work, my father was forced to search for a job back in April. Luckily, he came across one in May and was hired right on the spot. This has had a major positive impact on our family considering the circumstances. My siblings and I were fortunate enough to have my mother home with us holding things together. 

        I would say this was the worst year of all, but my family and I were also blessed. I thank God for bringing my family closer and keeping them close to me. As we approach the holidays, I  made a promise to myself to end the year with positive and happy energy. Since this was not the best year, I chose to spread positivity among my friends and family by any means necessary. I hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year for all. Here is my letter to 2021, one thing I will leave you with is to enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones, and live your life to the fullest. 2021 will be my year, as it will be yours, to be great and strive beyond our abilities.



   Florence Nightingale Leka

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