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Missing out on Simple Things

 By Staff Writer

 Morgan Williams & Robin Rivas


      The lives of students in our community have been drastically changed due to the pandemic.  From locking ourselves indoors, to keeping a six feet distance from those around us, life has changed. 

       Life focuses on the small things, the things we didn’t have to think about before the pandemic .  A  junior Olympian says exercise was something she didn’t even have to think about before quarantine, “ I got enough exercise walking to school and back, and around the school and now I have to set aside a time to do it, “ says Georgia Acuna. 

      Students are not only missing out on in-person instructional time but all also of socialization.  “ I miss meeting with my friends and learning in person while doing fun activities,” says Lina Perez.

      Academics is not the only area suffering from the school closures, but also the extra activities. Fall sports looks uncertain and hopefully the Spring will bring small steps back to normalcy. 


   Photo by Andro Fahmi

Bored while in online school any, student would rather go to school in person.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 11.13.24

 Photos by Dane Staten 

Photo by Darien Garcia

A pandemics can't stop Elijah Staten from play time as he fights of boredom during quarantine at home.

Dylan Garcia is all set up to do his homework online as well play games.

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