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Vote 2020

By Staff Writer Melissa Castillo

   The race for the 2020 presidential election is powering forward toward November and many of our Olympians are going to be able to vote. With different ideals and priorities, it's up to the youth and new voters to choose the best person for our future and the future of America.

   Some of our fellow Olympians gave us their opinions on why we should vote in 2020. Olympian senior Josue Zuniga said, "As Americans and people, we should want to be represented by someone who is fair and kind to all and who allows America to be a place of love and unity." Another Olympian, Sauni-Star Rogers, believes that "it is important since we are the breaking point of our economy and our society and whoever we elect, is going to determine America's Future."

   It is important for the people stay informed on the current issues so that when election day comes, they know what kind of president and laws they are voting for.

   Although many of our Olympians believe that voting in the 2020 election is crucial and plan to vote in 2020, many haven't even registered or pre-registered to vote. Many were also unaware that pre-registration was even an option. It is important for our olympians to know by the age of 16 you can pre-register to vote at Pre-registering makes it so that by the time you turn 18, you don't have to take any extra steps and are ready to vote.

    If you are 18, you can register to vote at the DMV, library, post office, by mail, or at the county elections office and have to register at least 15 days before election day. Los Angeles County has more voting centers than in previous years, making it more accessible for more people to vote. Voters need to make sure to have their California driver's license or California identification card number, the last four digits of their social security number and date of birth.

    So go register, and stay informed so that on Tuesday November 3, 2020, you know who and what kind of future you are voting for.

Photographs shot by Angel Esquivel

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