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  The New Normal

 By Staff Writer

 Adriana Rodriguez


     March 2020, life changed for all of us. Ever since Covid-19 hit all fifty states, everything has been different. At first it was chaotic. Almost everywhere you went you would see lines to get into stores. Masks weren’t readily available or required early on. Now fast forward to today and you’re required to wear a mask before entering stores and restaurants. Signs saying “No Mask, No Service” are a common sight. The days of long lines at the store and the sight of people fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizer may be gone, but we are still  learning  to live in a pandemic. This is our new normal!

     Everyone has their own routine and rituals. Mr. Bravo says, “ our home has had more than one purpose ever since the pandemic happened." Before home was just a way of relaxing from a long day at work or school. He also mentioned how, “sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning and do work from home.” Many can agree that sometimes we just don't want to wake and work, but this is our new normal we face on a daily basis. 

    Now while people are still trying to figure how to handle things, many are missing their day to day activities. English teacher Ms. Rapp says, “my life is so much quieter now than it was before the pandemic. I used to hang out with my friends three to four nights a week. We'd go to movies, or meet for happy hour, or gather at my place to play games and eat pizza. Now, I really only see my boyfriend and my best friend Mary.”

    We all would see many people gather at different events or places, now we barely see anyone, and if we do decide to hang out with friends or go to events, we have to be cautious, keep our distance and wear a mask. Regardless of the differences we are facing through the pandemic, Olympians seem to agree, this is our new normal!     


Deborah Tescum was ordering food on August 23, 2020, from  Burger King for the family.


People standing in line on March 16, 2020, in Lawndale


Masks hang on the key holder ready to go.

MCA Photos by Tracy Tescum 

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