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Doodle Club is a great way to meet others that find drawing to be a way to cope with stress.

    As students, we have constant pressure to be the very best in school and to work hard toward reaching our potential. Many students find hobbies to let loose and to have some fun as a coping mechanism. With so many interests and options out there, we wanted to see what students on campus do in their free time to de-stress and take a load off.

    While thinking about possible people to have involved in this process, the Doodle Club was an immediate candidate. The Doodle Club is a group of students with a vast variety of drawing abilities, from not being able to draw much more than stick figures to the people who draw full pages of art with beautiful details with intricate parts. The only thing that brings this group of people together aside from being friends is having fun and time away from all school stress during lunch. They all are able to hang out, eat, and of course doodle from the prompt given every meeting. The enjoyment they all share for drawing, although not all the best, is shared for a moment of fun in their long day. Club leader Genesis Cabrera says, “Doodling supplies me with joy and allows me to get past my very busy day.”

Gaming is bigger than ever with more options to play anytime or anywhere, helping people de-stress. Many students have Nintendo Switches, which is a game console, that

features the ability to go from TV to on the go. Students tend to bring their Switches to
play in class during free time, lunch, and after school. Not only can they play anywhere, but the mobile feature gives the option to share the fun and let others play along. Also, with tech coming a long way many can play from their phones on games like the new Mario Kart. It originated from a Nintendo console and is now accessible through mobile, allowing people to enjoy an
old game in a whole new way.

With more hobbies and ways of entertainment students tend to
share their interests together and enjoy a few minutes or hours of fun together.

Students may also indulge in after school sports like basketball, baseball, track, soccer, etc. Not only are sports hobbies that students do for fun , but they help keep their head
straight and de-stress. If you ever need something to do in your free time, you should engage in your own preferred hobbies or pass time.


                                           Photographed by Jouse Zuniga


Creative Coping

2019_1212_phase3_Zuniga-9 (1).jpg

Olympians can escape stress with a quick game of Clash Royal.

By Staff Writer

Josue Zuniga

Daniela DeLorge’s personally painted backpack.

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