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Keeping Social

   with Media


By Staff Writer

Veisinia Taufa



    Senior Olympians are bored and sad nowadays because all our plans for this year are ruined because this Corona virus is going around. All senior Olympians were so excited for all the senior events coming up and we all thought that our senior year would be lit, but we don’t know how this pandemic is going to end. Our high school has canceled in-person classes, moving them online for at least the rest of the quarter to prevent the spread of the virus. Of course, we appreciate the precautions they’re taking and understand the responsibility to slow the spread of the virus. Still, We can’t help but feel sad for what we’re missing out on and that’s the end of our senior year in high school.

     Senior Olympians now are more than ever obsessed with social media. TikTok is a top choice. Olympian Mele Talanoa says, “I don’t have anything much to do for this pandemic closure, but the only thing that keeps me from being bored or sad is to makeTikTok with my siblings for fun.”Netflix, Hulu, and Disney plus have been key to senior survival during this lockdown because there’s nothing to do after distance learning online. Olympian Jocelyn Plascencia says, “After I did my online classes, I just lay back down and be on my social media for a little bit then after that then watch my movies and shows and chill by myself in the room and call of the day.”

    Senior Olympians are influenced by YouTube because they can make their own channel to create whatever they want the world to see. Olympian Alamoti Tulikihihifo says, “ I always love to watch ASMR videos and I always want to create a YouTube channel for myself and have my family or my friends or even just myself do ASMR videos while we’re on a lockdown.”

     According to Vox, “ ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is the term for the sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos or take part in other activities — usually ones that involve personal attention. Many people describe the feeling as “tingles” that run through the back of someone’s head and spine. Others say the feeling is deeply relaxing, and can even cause them to fall asleep.” So with all the stress and free time it makes sense why people would want to find ways to relax and chill.

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