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Photo by Hiller

Senior Sadness offers Silver Lining

By Staff Writer

Daniela DeLorge


     Senior year drastically changed after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Olympians along with schools across the country are forced to learn from home as campuses were getting shut down. It was almost the end of the school year so most of the seniors had been preparing for classic senior events: prom, grad nite, and especially graduation. But now they will most likely have to miss out on one of the biggest moments in their careers. Olympians are staying strong and working through the sadness in order to graduate by completing their classes online and safe at home.

    Adjusting to spending the rest of the school year at home definitely caused the seniors to open their eyes to what and who they are going to miss. Olympian Milo Nuñez says, “I’d miss being able to talk to the 3 teachers I considered a mom. I’d miss Ms.Gomez who was the tough love side of a mother...I’d miss Ms.Suarez who was the fun and trustworthy side of a mother and especially Ms.U who was everything you’d want for a mom… I’m going to miss them for the rest of my life because if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.”

     Senior year being cut off so suddenly has made Olympians realize that maybe they didn’t get to complete everything they had hoped to when coming into this school year. Olympian Desiree Bowman says, “I think prior to the virus, senior year was weak. It’s not necessarily admin because they always tried their best to plan stuff but it’s the senior class itself. It seemed like no one was involved or had any school spirit so everything just became dull.”

     There was a lot of talk on the news and between a lot of the students on social media that there could be a chance of redoing the 2019-2020 school year. It looks appealing at first glance, yet so many of us put in hard work already. Olympian Jenna Johnson says, “No I wouldn’t repeat it because I enjoyed the senior year that I was able to have, but I’m definitely ready to move on.”


Senior Daniela DeLorge at Homecoming 2019 .

                   Photo by Cris Jimenez


Photo by Angel Mendoza

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