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Photo by Angel Mendoza

Seniors 2020 Blurred Vision

 By Staff Writer

Jasmine Garay


    Being a senior in high school requires young minds to be put under pressure. Pressure to get straight A's, pressure to be popular, to be prom queen, to graduate with honors.

     Whatever your poison might be, the stress is all the same. What more can be added to the high anxiety of senior year to make it harder? A worldwide lockdown. The Coronavirus has affected millions of people around the world from small business owners to nurses and doctors. In an effort to take caution schools all around the world have been shut down and closed for the rest of the school year. What does this mean for the Class of 2020? Could this pandemic bleed into the next school year and hurt class of 2021 as well? 

    The our seniors have a lot to say about their last year of high school being taken from them. Senior Saybien Bolle says, “It’s very unfortunate because not only do I miss out on my education, I miss out on seeing some of my friends and even attending my senior events such as prom and grad night. After high school I plan on joining the Navy and the pandemic had pushed my leave date from August to more towards the end of the year.”

     Leuzinger Junior Adrian Mejia says “As an incoming senior and student athlete I worry hat this could affect my football season as it takes place earlier in the school year. Especially with the cold weather I worry about getting sick and how it could affect me and my friends and teammates. I think I can speak on behalf of all fall and winter sports when I say it would be sad to see my senior year and the senior year of others be taken away so easily.”

     It’s strange to see this kind of behavior and emotion from our students. It is a difficult time for our class of 2020 and potentially class of 2021 to lose so much in such a short amount of time. All we can do for our classes now is pray that they get the closure they need for their high school years.


Photo by Daniel Pantoja

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