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End of the Decade



By Staff Writer

Jasmine Gonzalez 

    Ever since the beginning of high school, seniors all throughout the world have been looking forward to spending their last school year with friends and peers.

Although, this was sadly not a possibility due to the

recent pandemic that has greatly influenced the life of

many, especially the seniors. Many of them are unhappy

with the way things are as others enjoy being

home as they got to reunite with their family and build

a bond but, unfortunately not everyone has that luxury.

So, how do seniors really feel in a time where not only

are affected, but everyone else around them is as well?

    Seniors are not only upset because they can no

longer spend their last semester with friends, but they

are also upset at the fact that senior activities are no

longer a thing for them.

    Several seniors feel as if the last four years of high

school were a waste, in the end they won't even

have a ceremony. Olympian Luis Jimenez stated,

"I feel sad that I'm not going to be able to see my friends

at school one last time. I was really looking forward to

senior activities, especially prom. ̈

   It's not only because of the events they feel like they

were wasting their time, it also upset them to learn that

while everyone else had a traditional celebration they

won ́t. Senior Miguel Suarez says,  ̈It feels depressing

as we have worked four years of our life to be told last

minute we’re not walking the stage or enjoying any of the activities our senior year. It is just a let down. ̈

    With the new challenge of Distance Learning, seniors were forced to adjust to the new way of

learning online and taking it upon themselves to get work done. Many seniors feel like teachers

use this to fill them with hour loads of homework and assignments, things many of them didn't do while in school. Senior Olympian Brian Doval says, "It's way harder to do work from home. Before teachers gave you until the next class period to turn in the work, now all assignments for all are due at midnight... [its] scary knowing that all this can fall back and affect my graduation. ̈

    Students are now being held responsible to show how committed and aware of a subject they are by doing all online courses while passing their online classes along the way. With all of the pressure seniors are facing, many of them are finding themselves in both a challenging mental and psychical state, where they feel hopeless and trapped. Doval say. " ̈I struggle with overthinking and anxiety a lot. Now that class is at home and I'm struggling to keep up, it triggers it even more. ̈ Seniors are also finding it hard to keep motivated in order to be active throughout their days due to be limited to home. Maria Sanchez says, ̈It gets depressing, it's taking my high school experience away, I get overwhelmed by school notifications as I learn more in school then at home. ̈


Photo by Brianna Duarte

Photo by Gabriela Ortega Yanez


Photo by Diana Cifuentes

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