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​  Showing Spirit

By Staff Writer

Alina Roman

    It is known that student involvement is a necessity to help stand out from your peers. It also helps discover things about yourself that you didn't know before. Student involvement can include being in AVID, Upward Bound, and in a leadership position for a club or captain of a sports team in or outside of school.



    Being a high school student comes with its struggles like homework, part-time jobs, and even an internship. Stuff like this takes up a lot of our time which sometimes takes away

from our fun experiences. By being involved in school though, students show a side of themselves they can offer to companies, businesses, and even colleges. “Student involvement increases your chances of going to college.. It’s a good way for students to
step out of their comfort zone...,” said Senior Ana Diaz.

    On campus, many students tend to not be involved as much as the administrators and teachers would like them to be. “Many people decide to avoid joining sports or clubs or just being around school in general,” said Senior Magali Zacarias. This opinion is shared widely across campus, giving a bad stigma to joining clubs. “Many students think being part of a club is lame, but by not being part of anything is lame...”

said Senior Natalie Rivera.
    Students should take advantage of the opportunities here on campus. Being part of 
something in high school changes students as they learn about becoming a leader or being involved. This is a part of life, this is part of the high school experience. If we are going to stay in this school for four years, then it would be nice to live it to the fullest by being truly engaged and committed.


Photographed by Jasmine Gonzalez, Melissa Castillo and Cris Jimenez

Olympian Sports is a great way to get involved in school and show spirit.

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Members of the Olympian Drill Team show off their school spirit as they recruit new members during Club Rush at lunch last Fall.

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