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Collecting shoes is an obsession for some Olympians. One student's collection is retail valued from $160-$220 per shoe, with some as high as $1,000.

Value Your Sole

By Staff Writers

By Isaiah Small Wood &

Fernando Cruz

     Take a second and look at the people around you, or really, just look at their shoes. To the untrained eye, a pair of sneakers may just be a pair of sneakers, but you may not realize some of these shoes are worth a pretty penny. For a school where students receive free federal meals, it is surprising how much money kids spend on shoes.

    Shoes now-a-days aren’t just seen as a necessity, but as a way to express one's self. Footwear culture has gained quite a bit of prominence in the past few years. Shoe enthusiasts have even gained the labels “Sneakerheads” and “Hypebeasts.”

    With the rise of Sneakerheads in this decade, numerous brands are coming out with extreme price tags. Some pairs even go up to four digit prices. With Olympians walking around in shoes that are over the typical $60-$80 price range, you might be asking yourself, “How are these students paying for these shoes? Are their parents paying for them?” Olympian Cristofer Jimenez said, “I worked for these shoes. I have Nike Air Max 97’s on, but my most expensive shoe is the Adidas X Pharrell, priced at $1,000. I just really liked them and I had saved up some money I earned from previous side jobs.”

     Are you making as much money as you ́re wearing? In most cases, the answer to that question is noWhat you see on the outside does
not always reflect the reality of income. Some Sneakerheads prioritize buying shoes over necessities. “I didn’t get the shoe just because I liked it, I got it because it was unique and [it] caught my eye,” said Olympian Fabrizio Ruiz.

    Of course there are individuals who are able to afford these shoes, but what you’re wearing does not and should not define you as a person. Making good decisions and learning the value of money will be a reflection of your character beyond the social experiment of high school. The reality of the real world awaits. You have big shoes to fill. Those artists and athletes you look up to didn’t get there with baby steps. If you want the look, you must walk the walk.

Photos by Vince Esperanza Manimbao 


Off White x Nike Airforce 1. Retail: $170. Resell: $800-$1,000


Off White x Nike Blazer. Retail: $130. Resell: $600-$800

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