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Missing School

By Staff

     Distance Learning has challenged us all. The way we communicate, the way we learn, and the way we wish we could go back to the way it used to be, are all tests of our Olympian Spirit. In these uncertain times we've seen Olympians step up and help one another. Whether it be the thousands of meals being served weekly by our cafeteria staff, to teachers helping students virtually, to our administrators finding creative ways to keep us all connected. 

     Dr. Ho asked the MCA to produce a slideshow to show students how much the Leuzinger staff missed them. With the help of the staff, Mr. Hendricks and the creative genius of MCA's Pho Ho, the video not only brought many to tears, but made students admit to something that in any other time in modern history would be unbelievable; that they missed school! 

     In Instagram posts left after the video was published students like David Lopez typed comments like this, " Dear school... sorry for coming late all the time and ditching. Now I'm tryna ditch home to go to school. I miss you." An outpouring of feelings filled the comment feed and made it evident how important of role a school plays in a community.




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    The creativity kept coming with an announcement that Dr. Ho would come out of retirement and DJ live on Instagram and host a evening of music and family connectivity. The event drew students, teachers, administrators and even the superintendent. The scheduled two-hour event was cut short by Instagram's copyright policy, which seemed unnecessary given the current circumstances. That didn't deter the Olympian Spirit though. There are plans in works for a sequel. 

    The most ambitious plans are saved for last! The administration wanted to make sure their seniors had something unique and special to honor the Class of 2020, so they are in full planning mode to have a drive-thru graduation, Olympian Style! Many student may grumble at the loss of all the senior traditions which is completely understandable, but sometimes the best memories aren't the ones out of tradition, but rather out of uniqueness. 

    Many of this year's seniors not only get to decorate their caps, but with the help of their families they will decorate cars and participate in a motorcade and procession usually reserved for major holidays, parades and presidents. 

    Regardless of the circumstances, Olympians have relied on one another to raise spirits and find a positive way through uncertain times. 

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